These rules are to keep Brendan Barnepedia a safe Wikia Community. But if these are violated, users will be warned before a block occurs. If too many rules are violated, you will be permanently blocked.


The rules may be revised from time to time, so be sure to check them regularly.

Do not post rude comments or messages.

Rude comments or a comment that threatens someone will be removed. Also, comments specifically meant to annoy someone will be removed.

No vandalism.

Vandalism includes

  • Removing content or text from pages
  • Completely remove all the page's content and text and/or replace it with unneeded text and content
  • Renaming a page with false names.
  • Inserting false information or adding unwanted and unnecessary content
  • Adding excessive categories that are unnecessary and/or removing categories that are needed
  • And creating unnecessary or unneeded pages

Any vandalism will be undone.

No unacceptable usernames or sock puppetry of any form.

Unacceptable usernames (names with UTTP or THDTC) will not be allowed. Users with unacceptable usernames will receive a immediate ban. Sock puppetry is also not allowed.

No spamming links to third-party websites.

If you post a link to a third-party website in a comment or in a page that has nothing to do with the page, it's a spamming link. Links to third-party websites are ONLY allowed if it has something to do with a page or comment. If a spamming link is found, please tell us about it so we can investigate

No edit warring

Edit warring is an act where you undo someone's edits and they undo yours or vice versa. Regardless of who started it, appropriate action will be taken upon (both of) the offenders if an administrator is not notified of the situation.

This rule is for admins only.

If your an admin, and someone requested you to promote them to a specific user right (Like admin, or bureaucrat), don't promote them unless you contact Mario&LuigiBowser'sInsideStory first.

If you see a user who you think is violating the rules, tell us what he/she is doing, give us the username, and tell us where it was done. Action will be taken to fix any problem or concern you might have.